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China Denies it Banned Government Use of Apple Products

by Todd Haselton | August 8, 2014August 8, 2014 11:00 am PST

MacBook Pro 15 Inch 2014 Product

A report from Bloomberg recently suggested that China’s government banned the use of ten Apple products by government employees. The report suggested that, amid concerns that Apple’s iOS operating system has security flaws, that China was also suspicious about the security of Apple’s iPad and MacBook products. That’s not true, the government told Reuters recently.

Apparently the list of procurement products that blacklisted Apple has never actually included Cupertino’s products in the first place. Instead, it was a list of products that are highlighted as being energy efficient, though Apple has never provided the necessary paperwork to be included. So, naturally, it’s just not on the list, China said. “Even though Apple has the certification for energy-saving products… it has never provided the necessary verification material and agreements according to the regulations,” a note from China’s Finance Ministry to Reuters explained. Another source told Reuters that it was never a security matter.

While tensions with China are certainly increasing in some respects, particularly in regards to iOS and Microsoft Windows 8, there seems to have been a large misunderstanding in regards to any potential ban on government use of Apple products.


Todd Haselton

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