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Get Ready For Siri on Your Mac

by Todd Haselton | August 7, 2014August 7, 2014 8:30 am PST

We’ve been waiting a long time for Siri to make the jump from iOS to OS X, but so far Apple hasn’t discussed that kind of move. The company revealed OS X Yosemite during its Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June, and while it will deliver plenty of new features and a lot of UI changes, so far it looks like Siri is off of the table. Now, a new patent shows that Apple has been at least toying with the idea.

AppleInsider recently discovered a patent titled “Intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment,” that basically describes everything one might expect if Siri were to launch in OS X. In one image, the microphone icon Apple uses for Siri makes an appearance, and even asks the user what she can do for him or her.

“In some embodiments, a digital assistant is invoked on a user device by a gesture following a predetermined motion pattern on a touch-sensitive surface of the user device,” the patent says. “In some embodiments, a user device selectively invokes a dictation mode or a command mode to process a speech input depending on whether an input focus of the user device is within a text input area displayed on the user device.”

It also describes a way by which a user might interact with Siri by dropping folders or icons on top of her. This is just our own speculation, but we imagine possibly dropping an image onto Siri for OS X and then saying “e-mail that to Mom,” for example.

Apple details a dedicated input button, whether it’s on-screen on a touchscreen device — keep in mind Apple doesn’t have touchscreen OS X computers just yet — or on a keyboard. Or, in other instances, Siri might be activated through gestures; Apple envisions one might draw two circles on the screen to call her up, for example.

Apple imagines many uses for Siri on the desktop, and you can read through most of them in the patent application that we’ve included in the source link below. Hopefully this means we’ll see the voice assistant launch sooner rather than later, but so far Apple has been mum on the topic.

AppleInsider USPTO

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