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Gmails Newest Feature Will Help You Avoid Annoying Emails

by Jacob Kleinman | August 6, 2014August 6, 2014 7:00 pm PST


We’re willing to bet your email inbox is currently overflowing with unsolicited mass emails. After all, it’s a pretty common first world problem these days. Don’t worry though, because Google has a solution that may finally help you take back control of your Gmail inbox by unsubscribing from unwanted e-mails more easily.

Before today, one of the best ways to manage subscription e-mails was to filter each one with “unsubscribe” mentioned in it to a designated spam folder. Now, Gmail is using the same indicator to make it easy to get rid of those emails once and for all. Moving forward the “Unsubscribe” button will show up at the top of your email right next to sender’s address. So if you don’t want to see any more emails from a specific company or group you can easily remove yourself from the mailing list.

gmail Unsubscribe Link

For now it looks like the new Gmail feature is only available from desktop browsers, though hopefully we’ll see the same update hit Android and iOS in the near future. You should be able to quickly unsubscribe from all those anything mass emails by jumping on your computer until then.

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