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Apple and Samsung Finally Strike Major Agreement

by Todd Haselton | August 6, 2014August 6, 2014 7:00 am PST


Apple and Samsung, fierce tech competitors who have spent the last several years inside courthouses battling one another, announced a surprise decision recently.

The two firms have agreed to drop all patent lawsuits outside of the United States, according to a statement provided to Bloomberg. The news outlet said that includes existing litigation in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, Australia and Japan — where the two firms have fought over everything from tablets to smartphones.

“Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all litigation between the two companies outside the United States,” Apple and Samsung said in a joint statement. “This agreement does not involve any licensing arrangements, and the companies are continuing to pursue the existing cases in U.S. courts.” This means that neither Apple nor Samsung will chase after the other firm in an effort to ban sales in a specific market. In 2012, for example, Apple won a suit against Samsung to ban sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.

The two firms will continue to fight over patents in the United States, however, where Apple has already won two lawsuits against Samsung.


Todd Haselton

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