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BioShock Infinite’s Booker Dewitt is Everyman

by Eric Frederiksen | August 5, 2014August 5, 2014 9:30 pm PST

BioShock Infinite‘s default cover, depicting main character Booker DeWitt standing in front of some explosions with a gun over his shoulder, was the subject of a lot of criticism from both fans and press alike when it came out in Spring 2013. Rather than the distinct, interesting art that populates the game, the box is adorned with a generic, scruffy white dude, ready to do some action moves.

He’s even more generic than I would’ve thought at the beginning.

From the depths of the NeoGAF forums comes this awesome gallery. Booker isn’t just an everyman, he’s the everyman. It’s spooky how well he fits into a lot of these despite his ostensibly period-appropriate garb.

This is an awesome, tongue-in-cheek demonstration of how similar the box art is for so many games. We get it, publishers, we play as a dude and we shoot a gun. Maybe try to tell us what’s different about your game, rather than how it’s just like everyone else.


Eric Frederiksen

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