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Flappy Bird Returns With Multiplayer Mode, But Only On Amazon Fire TV

Flappy Birds Family

Flappy Bird, the most addictive (and most infuriating) mobile game of the year, is back — and it’s packing a new multiplayer mode. There is a catch, though: You won’t find it in the App Store or on Google Play, because it’s currently available only on the Amazon Fire TV.

The new Flappy Bird — officially named Flappy Birds Family — retains the same simplistic gameplay that made the original so popular, but there’s a little more to it this time around. Players will now find themselves avoiding ghosts as well as pipes, and there’s a brand new “person vs. person” mode, in which two people compete against each other for the highest score.

Flappy Birds Family can be played with both the Fire TV remote and Amazon’s official game controller, and like its predecessor, it’s completely free to download.

Flappy Bird originally made its debut on iOS back in 2013, but it gained little attention until it mysteriously rocketed to the top of the App Store’s free chart in early 2014. By the end of January, the game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, was earning over $50,000 a day from advertisements.

But its overwhelming success wasn’t as welcome as you might think, and Nguyen quickly became unhappy with all of the attention. In February, he gave people 24 hours to download the game before it was pulled from all app stores.

“It happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem,” Nguyen said in an interview at the time. “My life has not been as comfortable as I was before. I couldn’t sleep.” A month later, however, Nguyen announced Flappy Bird would be returning.

It’s currently unclear whether Flappy Birds Family will remain a Fire TV exclusive, or whether it will be coming to other platforms later on. We can’t imagine Nguyen would want to keep it from Android, iOS, and other platforms for too long, however.

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