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LG Addresses G Watch Corrosion Issue With Software Update

by Brandon Russell | August 2, 2014August 2, 2014 1:00 pm PST


LG has taken a lot of flack for a corrosion issue surrounding its G Watch. Initially it sounded like the company was unwilling to take responsibility for the problem, but LG apparently realized that wasn’t the best PR strategy, so it has decided to roll out an over-the-air update to smooth things over. The issue seems to affect the terminal pins on the watch’s back—some reported corrosion was so bad the device couldn’t be charged.

LG sort of, kind of admits the issue could affect the G Watch’s performance. So, as a result, the “maintenance release” planned to roll out over the next few days will disable the current when the wearable isn’t charging. Android Police spoke with Google to confirm the issue, which apparently only affected a “small number go G Watch devices.” Even still, some of these users did nothing more than wear their devices as designed, causing the corrosion issue.

As with any new product, you’re going to run into issues. But corrosion is no small matter. Still, at least LG is doing something about it—an improvement over how the company reportedly responded to earlier customer complaints. Now whether this software update will fix the problem remains to be seen.


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