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Rogue Legacy Launch Trailer – Never Enter the Same Castle Twice

by Ron Duwell | July 31, 2014July 31, 2014 5:30 pm PST

PlayStation owners now have the ability to check out one of the best indie games of 2013. Rogue Legacy launched on the PC last year to universal acclaim, and now it’s going live on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Best of all, this cross-buy purchase guarantees that you’ll only have to drop money on it once!

The idea of Rogue Legacy is pretty easy. You control not one character, but a potentially infinite number of characters who belong to a family of knights. Every character stuck in the lineage is charged with exploring an ever-changing castle to find and kill the traitor from your family history. Every time a character dies, he or she passes on their accumulated wealth and statistics on to their offspring, and they continue the family curse.

Of course, mutations don’t only change the layout of the castle, but they also creep into the family gene pool to create “Traits.” Some knights are really short, and others are really tall. Some are near-sighted, and some are far-sighted or even color blind. Some have light feet and don’t activate spike traps, and some suffer from extreme vertigo, forcing them to see the castle upside down! Some are bald, and some just fart a lot.

Jobs are also randomly elected with each passing generation. Ninjas, Assassins, Paladins, Mages and Barbarians. Each has a specific role designed to give you an edge in battle or in treasure hunting.

Needless to say, Rogue Legacy is a game where you’ll never play the exact same way twice. My time spent with the PC version became a bit of an unhealthy obsession as I succumbed to “just one more try” syndrome. It’s a highly addictive game thanks to the random nature of choosing characters, the deceptively deep gameplay, and excellent sense of progression.

Imagining this cross-save supported game on a PS Vita is quite scary since you can never truly get away from it. It also gains the highest of recommendations. Be sure to check it out on the PlayStation Store this week.

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