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Brand New Apple TV Not Expected to Launch Until 2015

by Brandon Russell | July 30, 2014July 30, 2014 2:30 pm PST

Apple TV in the Woods - 01

That updated Apple TV we’ve been hoping for probably won’t be out until 2015 at the earliest, according to a new report from The Information. The hope was to complete the project for a debut later this year, but content negotiations have reportedly hit a snag, pushing the device’s launch back indefinitely. Apple TV rumors have been all over the place this year, though it’s apparent the company is definitely working on something special—whether it will actually launch is another question.

The Information’s sources claim industry partners believe the scope of the Apple’s project is holding it back, and not content providers. A quote pulled from the story, via 9to5Mac, reveals that cable executives and TV programmers feel Apple is in over its head, and still needs permission from multiple rights holders before its new service can go live. Maybe Beats’s Jimmy Iovine can help move proceedings along.

Earlier reports suggested Apple’s new TV project could be the cord-cutting, Siri-powered experience everyone has been waiting for. Of course, even though Apple has apparently cracked the TV conundrum, it comes down to whether content providers are willing to play ball. It would appear negotiations are ongoing, but neither Apple or Big Cable is willing to budge on their demands.

That means, for you and me, a delayed launch—or maybe none at all. But don’t fret. Apple has two new iPhones coming out this fall, along with the possibility of Touch ID-equipped iPads, a health-focused iWatch and maybe more.

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