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Mid-2014 Mac Mini Reference Shows Up In Apple Support Page

by Brandon Russell | July 29, 2014July 29, 2014 5:00 pm PST


A new listing (which has since been taken down) on an Apple support page may have inadvertently advertised an upcoming Mac mini refresh. While this could simply be human error, the page makes mention of a “mid-2014” model which, as we know, doesn’t exist (yet). The most recent update to the Mac mini line occurred back in late 2012, so obviously the lineup is overdue for refresh.

Apple today announced a refresh to its MacBook Pro with Retina line, which included faster processors and twice the RAM that was offered before. But there was no mention of a Mac mini update, nor have there been many rumors this year to suggest one is incoming. However, it certainly appears as though Apple is quietly working on something, though we don’t know what. Either that or this was just a silly mixup.

If Apple does introduce a mid-2014 refresh to its Mac mini, one would assume an announcement is expected any day now. If not, perhaps we’ll see the company save something for one of its announcements in September or October, which is when we anticipate Apple will show its new iPhones, and maybe even a wearable, among other products.

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