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Sorry Facebook, There’s Already Another App Called “Bolt”

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Facebook is expected to unleash its third, or fourth if you count Instagram Directassault on Snapchat in the near future with Bolt, a “one-touch” photo sharing app that leaked on Instagram last week. Just one problem: there’s already an app called Bolt and its creator isn’t happy. In a blog post today Bolt co-founder and CEO Andrew Benton publicly reached out to Instagram, asking the Facebook owned-company to rename its rumored incoming app or face a “legal battle.”

Benton makes a pretty good argument. Bolt (the original non-Instagram app) has been around for about a year and deserves the right to defend its brand. Facebook doesn’t need to use the same name, and it’s already causing confusion for people seeking out the rumored app and downloading Bolt instead. He also offers up a list of alternative names, but notes that his smaller company isn’t afraid to take on the social network in court if necessary.

The company ran into similar issues when it launched Paper earlier this year and didn’t even flinch. As for the name, if “Bolt” is already taken this new photo-sharing app could be called “Instagram Bolt” or something along those lines that’s just different enough to avoid any legal trouble. That doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do though, and we’d like to think there’s enough space on the internet for small and big companies to coexist. There’s always the possibility that Bolt isn’t even a real product, and that the name only surfaced in testing, but we’ll know soon enough.


Jacob Kleinman

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