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One Does Not Simply Change Shadow of Mordor’s Release to Sept. 30th

Unless you are Warner Bros. I suppose. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been pushed forward a week from Oct. 7 to Sept. 30. Fans waiting for a Steam release will have to wait an extra two days for an Oct. 2 release.

Warner Bros. states that “hearing excitement” from the fans is the reasoning behind pushing it forward, but one glimpse at the competition might make one second guess that. The original Oct. 7 release put it in contention with a few other big titles like Alien: Isolation, Driveclub, the rival NBA series, and Project Spark. September pits it against a tough contender in Forza Horizon 2, but beyond that, I think Tolkien’s popular fantasy universe has what it takes to beat out the bubbly Senran Kagura.

I’m not so sure where I stand on Shadow of Mordor. I like the idea of using its Nemesis system to manipulate Sauron’s army, taking down from the inside with enslaved orcish agents and causing in-fighting and civil wars. Developer Monolith Productions also has a solid reputation, but at the same time, it just comes off as kind of “me-tooish” with its Batman Arkham inspired combat, BioWare inspired Ranger/Nazgul morality system, and overly “video gamey” aesthetic which borrows a lot from Skyrim.

It doesn’t strike me as a day 1 purchase, but it also has the stuff of a surprise hit for the year. Now we just don’t have to wait as long to find out. Also be sure to check out the new story trailer at the top.

Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on Sept. 30. PC gamers will get a shot on Oct. 2.

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Ron Duwell

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