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Journey, The Unfinished Swan, and Until Dawn Further Hinted at a PS4 Release

by Ron Duwell | July 28, 2014July 28, 2014 8:00 pm PST


We already have a pretty clear indication that The Unfinished Swan is heading for a PlayStation 4 release, and I don’t think anybody doubts the impending re-release of Journey also. Chalk this latest leak from Sony’s official Gamescom website as just shy of confirming these two games, as well as Until Dawn, for the PlayStation 4.

Eagle-eyed gamers over at NeoGAF spotted many of the games on the Sony’s now-removed list, and nothing else stands out as vividly as these two huge PlayStation 4 ports. Other new titles include the latest PixelJunk game Nom Nom Galaxy┬áand Until Dawn, both for the PlayStation 4.

Journey and The Unfinished Swan are both fan-favorite games from the PlayStation 3’s atmospheric indie game library, and they are bound to look only more gorgeous on the new hardware. Until Dawn was originally revealed by Sony as a PlayStation 3 title, but the shift in platform rumored earlier this years would appear to have proven true.

Again, this is not official, but it is about as close as it gets. The list of games was released by Sony, and it has since been retracted after the leak spread. We’ll have to wait for 100 percent official word from Sony, one it is willing to stand by, but after all we’ve seen until this point, I feel confident in saying it will happen.

Sony has to get with the times and seal that leak tighter. It has not been great at keeping a wrap on its PlayStation 4 ports, and The Last of Us Remastered was one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory.


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