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The Price of Samsung’s 105-inch Curved 4K TV Isn’t A Joke

by Brandon Russell | July 27, 2014July 27, 2014 9:00 am PST

Earlier this year at CES, Samsung showed off a 105-inch 4K TV, but didn’t reveal the price. We weren’t all that eager to hear the price anyway—something this massive and insane was always going to be expensive. But Samsung revealed the final damage on Tuesday, and it comes down to either purchasing a TV or putting a down payment on a mansion.

The excessive monster TV can only be attained by the world’s most wealthy of folks; the price comes in at $119,999.99. Maybe if you had no bills, obligations and didn’t eat for a few years you could somehow afford this. But why would you? It’s impressive, sure. But it’s also so damned pointless. I can pick up a big, beautiful TV from a local store for so much less. It’s tragic someone would spend money on something so excessive.

Samsung is no stranger to this kind of TV opulence; the company pretty much spends the entirety of CES parading around TVs nobody can afford. But just in case you want to go into massive debt, the company can make you the center of the universe with its 105-inch 4K model. The TV itself sports a curved design, and can be mounted to a wall if that’s your preference.

In addition to the TV itself, buyers can also purchase a “Samsung Elite Service,” which will offer an in-home customer service experience. I imagine that would entail a Samsung employee standing in your living room and laughing at you because of how much money you just spent on a TV.

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