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Google Leaks ‘Hands-Free’ Car Feature for Android

Android in car

An upcoming “Hands-Free” app that could make Android easier to use in the car has been leaked in a promotional GIF published by Google. The image was intended to showcase quick language translation in Google Now, but the mysterious icon spotted within it has been the biggest talking point among Android enthusiasts.

The Hands-Free icon, which clearly depicts a steering wheel, seems to be a work in progress for now — but it’s a clear indication that Google is working to make its popular platform more accessible behind the wheel. We know little about what Hands-Free will bring at this point, but we’re hopeful that will change this fall when Android L makes its public debut.

Third-party handset makers like HTC already offer their own in-car interfaces, which make basic features easier to access while you’re on the road. Some also make it easier to control media playback for those who like to play their music through their car stereo.

Google Hands-Free icon

Google’s GIF, which was uploaded to Google+, was clearly pieced together hastily. In addition to revealing Hands-Free early, its Android L status bar is rather poorly hidden by an opaque KitKat status bar, and its Photos app is a pre-release build indicated by the dog paw on its icon.

Rather unsurprisingly, the GIF has since been pulled — but of course, that won’t stop us from talking about Android Hands-Free.

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