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Alleged iPhone 6 Circuit Board Boasts NFC Chip


An alleged Apple circuit board obtained by sources in China suggests the Cupertino company’s upcoming iPhone 6 will finally deliver NFC connectivity. The leaked part also hints at faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a significantly larger device.

The board was passed onto French site NowhereElse from a “particularly reliable” source. It’s much wider than an iPhone 5s circuit board, and it appears to hold more chips. According to the person who secured it, it has NFC onboard — something the iPhone has never had before.

NFC connectivity still seems a little in insignificant to some, and that’s exactly the reason why Apple has never brought the technology to the iPhone — or indeed any of its devices. But anyone who’s ever used NFC with an Android device will tell you it’s not just about wireless payments; there’s much more you can do with it.

NFC also allows for super simple pairing of multiple devices — such as speakers or smartwatches — and if you use your creativity and buy some cheap NFC tags, you can do some really awesome things with it.

For example, I have an NFC tag on the table next to my bed, and when I tap my phone against it at night, it automatically turns down brightness, sets my device to silent, and activates three alarms (yes, I’m a deep sleeper).

If you really want to save time (or you’re lazy like me) and you have NFC tags to spare, you can even stick them to the front of takeaway menus so that all you have to do is tap when you’re ready to call and place your order.


We’re unable to confirm that this iPhone 6 circuit board is genuine at this point, however, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. MacRumors did some digging and found that its screw holes do match up with those we’ve previously seen in a leaked iPhone 6 chassis, but that still doesn’t guarantee that this particular board with NFC will make it into the final iPhone 6.

Killian Bell

Killian Bell is a 20-something technology journalist based in a tiny town in England. He has an obsession with that little company in Cupertino...