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This Demo of LG’s 18-inch Flexible Display Looks Unreal

by Brandon Russell | July 26, 2014July 26, 2014 10:00 am PST

Curious to see what LG’s yoga mat TV looks like in action? A video posted on YouTube shows what its flexible paper-thin panel is capable of—and it’s pretty impressive. If you weren’t convinced LG could pull off such an incredible feat, this video should be all the persuasion you need. In the future, it’ll be easier than ever to transport your massive television; simply roll it up and be on your way.

The 18-inch unit in the video is just a demo, and it’s all in a controlled environment. But damn. It looks like an ordinary sheet of plastic with a brightly colored image, until some crazy person starts folding it like a piece of paper. You want to shout, No, stop! The display gets completely rolled over itself, and then back the other way for crying out loud. But it doesn’t even flinch. This is the future.

The flexible OLED you see above has a resolution of 1200×810, and is bound together by a film back; this is the engineering that allows it to be more flexible than a rigid piece of plastic, Gizmodo noted. As the technology around LG’s crazy foldable displays improves, the company hopes to introduce the same thing to larger models. How about a 60-inch HD rollable TV in 2017? LG says it’s possible.

It might not be practical for your home. But who wouldn’t want to put this on their wall?

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