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Photographer Captures Stunning Images By Jumping Headfirst Into Waves

by Brandon Russell | July 26, 2014July 26, 2014 8:00 am PST

Most sane people know that steering clear of North Shore in Oahu is a matter of life and death. Even for experienced surfers, the ruthlessness of Mother Nature is capable of doing terrific damage; if you’re not careful, you’re pretty much at her mercy. For Clark Little, however, it’s just another day at the office. Spending up to six hours each day conquering the big surf with nothing more than a water-protected camera is part of his job description.

And I thought playing with new technology was fun; I’m feeling a little envious, I must admit.

Having grown up by the beach, I’ve always felt a connection to the ocean. It’s the same connection people feel to the outdoors, or even sports. So seeing it through Little’s eyes, and seeing the incredible images he captures, is such a wonderful sight to behold. Little has been snapping pictures of the North Shore for years now, capturing that moment just as the waves barrel over his head. The results speak for themselves.

His story of how he got started is pretty charming: his wife one day brought home an image of a wave, and Little immediately said that he could do better. So, equipped with nothing more than a cheap water housing and flippers, Little shot his first set of photos, and the rest is history. He’s now one of the most respected action sports photographers out there, and has essentially borne a new category of “shorebreak shooting.”

I’ve been following Little on Instagram for a while now, and every single one of his images is stunning. In an interview with The Inertia, Little explains how he approaches his newfound calling, and the kind of technology he used to get his name out there. Services like Instagram can work wonders, and advancements in waterproof housings certainly help, too. Waterproof accessories for big digital cameras aren’t cheap, so if you can’t afford the kind of gear Little uses, maybe you can get a waterproof case for your phone.

Photography is an incredible art indeed—no amount of specs, screen resolutions and cloud storage can teach that.

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