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New Batman Figurine Resembles the 1989 NES Game

by Ron Duwell | July 26, 2014July 26, 2014 7:00 am PST

NECA Batman (2)

Holy Nintendo, Batman! Final Fantasy creator Tetsuya Nomura’s Batman is not the only crazy figurine to make an appearance this week. NECA has shown off its own brand new Batman model, and it’s one you might have seen before only if you are old man, 8-bit classic gamer, like me.

This stylishly purple Batman harkens back to the days of the first Batman film, or rather, the NES interpretation of it. Batman: The Video Game was designed by the underrated studs of the classic console, Sunsoft, and it is one of the best Batman games you will ever find. It doesn’t quite “capture the spirit” of Batman like the new Arkham games do, mostly because Batman shoots people with a Bat Gun, but woe be unto me if you can find a video game with a more rockin’ soundtrack.

Sunsoft also followed up with Batman: Return of the Joker on the NES. It’s one of the hardest video games you’ll ever come across, and again, it has an amazing soundtrack that only the sound gurus at Sunsoft could have possibly pulled off. Plus, The Joker is the final boss, and he shoots lightning from his hands! Yeah, not exactly in the spirit of Batman, is it?

NECA Batman (1)

The NECA figurine is 7-inchea tall with “with over 25 points of articulation for great poses.” Its purple tint is also very reminiscent of the NECA Jason Voorhees figure they made last year to reflect his own NES game. What was it about making traditionally dark movie characters purple on the NES?

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