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New BioShock Announcement Incoming? Original BioShock Image Teased by 2K Games

by Ron Duwell | July 25, 2014July 25, 2014 11:30 am PST

BioShock (2)

Let’s party like it’s 2007! I’m jetting out of college fresh off my first trip to Japan and prepping for my second, rocking an old Nokia cellphone, and I’m smack in the middle of one of the most exciting years of gaming in a long time. Halo 3‘s “Finish the Fight” campaign is in full blast, Super Mario Galaxy is bringing Mario back to the foreground, a little game called Mass Effect is all that’s on my mind.

Let’s not forget about BioShock, either. Irrational Games was promising one of the most revolutionary FPS games to ever hit the consoles, and boy was it right. BioShock shook the foundations of what was generally an all action genre up until that point, and delivered us into a new age of smart, thought provoking first-person person shooters. Of course, PC gamers were wondering what the big deal was because it had been this way for years for them, but that wasn’t exactly my scene back then.

Why are we reliving the past like this? Because 2K Games is as well. On its official Twitter page, the game publisher he released a new image teasing something new regarding BioShock. Not BioShock Infinite or BioShock 2, but a piece of art stripped from the original game.

No hints and no clues. Could 2K Games be bringing the classic to a new platform? Creator Ken Levine said that his idea for a PS Vita game fell through, but that was an original game. He didn’t say anything about a port. Could we be playing through Rapture again in the palm of our hands? 2K might have been pleased with how Borderlands performed on the platform.

Why not do its marquis shooter franchise?

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