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Steam Controller Gets Analog Stick in Latest Prototype

by Joey Davidson | July 24, 2014July 24, 2014 9:30 am PST

Valve’s Steam Controller is getting yet another overhaul. This time around, it’s adding a physical feature a lot of gamers were hoping to see.

That’s right, Valve tossed in an analog stick. You can see the nub on the left hand side of the input device in the picture below.

Steam Controller Analogue Stick

@SteamDB spotted the change and tweeted it out, and Engadget cites the Facepunch forums with the find as well.

Valve’s gone sort of mum on the Steam Box as of late, and the controller is a big part of that platform’s launch. The inclusion of an analog stick will certainly go miles in piquing the interests or more console-focused users.

I know I personally like the addition. The crazy circle pads still seem a bit odd to me, but, then again, I haven’t tried the controller yet. Maybe those things are amazing, and the analog stick will be unnecessary.

Only time will tell.

SteamDB Engadget

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