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Samsung VR Headsets Hitting Major Snags

by Jacob Kleinman | July 24, 2014July 24, 2014 1:45 pm PST


We’re almost certain the Galaxy Note 4 will make an appearance in September at the IFA trade show in Berln. Beyond the new phablet, we’re also expecting the South Korean tech titan to step into an entirely new product category this fall: virtual reality. Recent reports suggest Samsung is working directly with Oculus to develop a new smartphone-powered VR headset. According to CNET, the company is having some trouble manufacturing enough units ahead of launch.

In a partnership that’s supposed to benefit both companies, Samsung and Oculus are reportedly developing a virtual reality headset that works by sliding a smartphone into the front to work as the display. It’s similar to Google Cardboard, but probably a bit more comfortable to wear. The device also allegedly sports a front-facing camera for augmented reality or just checking in on the real world.

CNET reports that Samsung is already shipping early prototypes to developers, presumably in an effort to make sure the new headset has a decent selection of apps when it launches this fall, but notes that the company is struggling to meet early demand. That’s not a good sign for Samsung if it hopes to release the VR headset in just a few months, though it’s possible the firm can clear up any production issues before then.

Samsung’s VR headset hasn’t been discussed publicly by the company, but at this point we’re pretty confident the company is working on some sort of virtual reality device. Whether the new product is ready to launch by September is another question entirely though, and as of right now we’re not completely confident the device will make an appearance alongside the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA.


Jacob Kleinman

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