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iWatch: Major Watch Brand Denies Apple Partnership

by Todd Haselton | July 24, 2014July 24, 2014 9:00 am PST


A report from VentureBeat recently suggested that Apple had teamed up with Swatch to help design and build the iWatch. Now, the Swiss watchmaker is going on the record denying those claims and any involvement in Cupertino’s wearable.

Reuters on Thursday spoke with the company and said that Swatch called the rumors “unfounded.” The company confirmed that it does indeed work with mobile OEMs, but only to provide “integrated circuits and other electronic components,” Reuters explained. Is it just a cover up to hide any trace of involvement with Apple’s watch? While it might make a good story, it doesn’t seem likely; the firm’s CEO told Reuters his company has no intentions of building any sort of smartwatch.

There were also reports back in March that Apple was poaching employees from Swiss watchmakers, like Swatch, to come work in Cupertino on the iWatch. It’s possible that some employees did jump ship at that time, but the company is denying all claims that it has teamed up with Apple to build the iWatch.

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