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PopCap is Creating Another New Peggle… Already!?

by Joey Davidson | July 23, 2014July 23, 2014 6:00 pm PST

Peggle 2 Duels Mode

Here I am, with 172 hours logged, still clearing all of the extra objectives in Peggle 2, and EA and PopCap are already talking about the next game they’re making. This one just released last December, right? What’s going on?

During their financial call yesterday, EA CEO Andrew Wilson made a quick reference to whatever PopCap is doing next with Peggle.

“A much-anticipated new Peggle game from PopCap is moving through a test period in preparation for launch…”

That’s it.

This goes one of two ways, as far as I’m concerned. Either PopCap is working on the PC or mobile version of Peggle 2, the version of this story that I consider most likely, or they’re prepping a brand new entra similar to Peggle Nights next to the original Peggle.

For reference, though, Peggle Nights released a year and a half after the original. This news seems too fast, right?

What do you make of Wilson’s comment? Completely new Peggle, or new versions of Peggle 2?


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