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PlayStation Store PLAY Deal Gives You Money for Buying Games

Sony’s gone and done another PLAY deal on the PlayStation Store. They did this last year, if you don’t remember, and it wound up being a success.

Basically, if you buy a few of the four upcoming games included in the deal, you get extra money added to your account for future purchases. Buy one game, get nothing. Buy two games, get $3. Buy three games, get $6. Buy all four, get $10.┬áSony’s broken all that down into a single image for easy consumption.

PlayStation Store PLAY Sale 2014

How much would it cost to buy all four? Roughly $67. You decide exactly how good this deal is, though I imagine it all comes down to whether or not you already planned to pick these games up. I suppose the extra bucks might push some folks who are on the fence about the titles.

The good news here is that all four games look pretty solid. Hohokum is clearly the oddball of the bunch, but its soundtrack features artists from the Ghostly label, something music fans should be pumped for.

Finally, all four games are Cross Buy. Nab them in the sale, and you’ll be able to play each on your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Nice.

Joey Davidson

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