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Microsoft Swoops in with Skype for Amazon’s Fire Phone

by Jacob Kleinman | July 23, 2014July 23, 2014 1:30 pm PST

Amazon’s new Fire Phone may run a modified version of Android, but good luck using any of Google’s popular mobile apps on the new device. The company already offers a number of pre-installed alternatives including its own maps and messaging apps, but now Microsoft is swooping in with the promise of Skype for the Fire Phone coming later this month.

Microsoft already offers a version of Skype for Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and HDX lineup, and now the video and text messaging app will make its way to the Fire Phone as well. The company also says it’s redesigning Skype to take advantage of everything the new smartphone has to offer, including Dynamic Perspective and the Fire Phone’s carousel of recently used apps.

One of the most interesting but overlooked features on the Fire Phone is app carousel, which turns your apps into icon-widget hybrids with space for extra information underneath. On Skype that means you’ll see your most recent messages straight from the homescreen. You’ll also be able to jump right into a specific conversation by clicking on it.

Microsoft doesn’t say exactly when Skype will launch on the Amazon’s smartphone, but it should be available by the end of July.

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