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Apple Prepping “Significant Step Forward In Laptop Industry”

by Brandon Russell | July 23, 2014July 23, 2014 12:00 pm PST

Macbook Air 2014 vs Macbook Air 2013 - 11-inch

Apple is reportedly gearing up to introduce a new Retina-equipped MacBook this fall with a 12-inch display, which is said to include a thinner, lighter aluminum body compared to models available now. Apple apparently considers the device a “significant step in the laptop industry,” though it’s unclear which laptop family the new product will join (Pro or Air). And that’s just the tip of what Apple has planned for its Macs.

In addition to a razor-thin new MacBook, Apple is also planning to introduce an iMac with a 4K display (and maybe a standalone 4K monitor, too), which has been hinted at in the past. We’ve seen plenty of indications Apple is ready to jump into the 4K market, with evidence showing up in early builds on OS X Yosemite. On that front, 9to5Mac says Apple’s 4K push will coincide with Yosemite’s release; Apple has apparently focused on optimizing the new desktop OS for higher resolution displays.

Development on OS X Yosemite, meanwhile, is expected to wrap up in early October, with the final consumer version set for a release later that month. There have been reports Apple could focus its attention on the iPhone in September, with a separate event scheduled in October, which could focus on new Macs and the final release of Yosemite. The most recent developer preview of Yosemite hit earlier this week, and by all accounts it’s pretty darn stable for being in beta; Regular Joes can also get in on the action by signing up for a public beta.

Apple has repeatedly said its upcoming product lineup is the best in its history, and it sure sounds like things are shaping up to fulfill that promise. Additional products expected in Apple’s roadmap include two larger iPhones (one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.5-inch screen), a health-focused iWatch wearable, more powerful iPads and now these new Macs. With the first event rumored to kick off mid-September, we’re not that far away from finding out Apple’s future.

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