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You Won’t Believe How Thin Apple Wants to Make the iPad Mini 3

by Brandon Russell | July 22, 2014July 22, 2014 12:00 pm PST

iPad mini With Retina, Back, Stacked, Wide

We’re only a few months away from Apple’s big product apocalypse—when many expect the company to not only announce an iPhone 6, but a revamped Apple TV, an iWatch and some fancy new iPads, too. On that note, a new report out of China claims this won’t be an ordinary upgrade to the iPad lineup. With so many people supposedly losing interest in Apple’s slate, it appears the company is ready to really bring its A game this fall.

According to the report, when Apple unveils its iPad mini 3 later this year, it’ll miraculously be 30-percent thinner than the existing iPad mini 2. That device, by the way, is just 7.5mm, which is already razor thin. With improvements in display technology and other engineering breakthroughs, Apple is certainly capable of making it happen. A device like the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is just 6.6mm, so there’s always room to get even thinner, as Samsung showed.

Meanwhile, the same report says the thinner iPad mini 3 will also sport an A8 processor, which we’d also expect to be included in Apple’s iPhone 6. Additionally, Apple is also rumored to include its Touch ID sensor for the first time in its iPad line as the company’s fingerprint technology becomes a much more prominent force in iOS 8.

When Apple does announce new iPads this year, the company might also treat fans to a new 12.9-inch model, which a recent report said we can expect to be available sooner than you think

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