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Hyrule Warriors Trailer – Link Also Loves The Power Glove

by Ron Duwell | July 22, 2014July 22, 2014 12:15 pm PST

The Wizard‘s Lucas and The Legend of Zelda‘s Link. Both characters are of Nintendo origin, both have unfashionably blonde hair, both have names starting with the letter L, and both love the Power Glove because it’s so bad. The only difference between the two is that Lucas uses the Power Glove to play Rad Racer and Link uses the Power Glove to smash enemies with giant heavy objects and a flail twice the size of his head.

I dunno, Lucas. Your 97 NES games simply aren’t that impressive anymore.

Before jumping to conclusions about it being a real world accessory making it into the game, the Power Glove appeared in three separate Legend of Zelda games: the eternally excellent A Link to the Past, it’s modern day sequel A Link Between Worlds, and even the Game Boy Color oddball Oracle of Ages. It even appears in the Valiant Comics when Link fights Bagu from Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.

So yes, the item has a long and fabled appearance in series lore, making it a nice fit in this tribute to the entire series. It’s probably the oldest of the references as well, with most of the material coming from The Twilight Princess and The Skyward Sword.

With the gloves, Link can swing around the giant flail without a care in the world, but he also uses it for its other use of picking up objects. Picking up rocks and pots to chuck at enemies, picking up enemies to chuck at other enemies, and in Hyrule Warriors‘ extreme fashion, picking up entire towers and swinging them around to clear huge groups of enemies.

It’s a really cool spin on the weapon, one that would only be possible from the minds of the wackos who brought you Dynasty Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors will be released for the Wii U on Sept. 26.

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