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Yahoo’s New Purchase May Give it a Big Advantage for Mobile

by Jacob Kleinman | July 21, 2014July 21, 2014 9:00 pm PST


Yahoo confirmed today that it’s acquiring Flurry, a mobile analytics company and ad platform that could help give the company a boost as it continues to expand onto smartphones and tablets. The news comes several hours after Re/code’s Kara Swisher leaked the deal, claiming it was worth several hundred million dollars. In a blog post announcing the news, Yahoo didn’t say how much it spent.

Flurry should help Yahoo beef up its current mobile offerings and help it pump out profitable apps. The company has made a number of moves in the past few years to dominate more of your time on smartphones and tablets, but still trails far behind the mobile efforts of companies like Google and Facebook. Flurry offers a number of key services, including an ad network, mobile analytics and a platform for creating new apps.

Flurry had already raised about $60 million in venture capital. The company also boasts a seasoned team of executives, including chief product officer Prashant Fuloria, who previously worked at Google and Facebook. Recent reports suggested Flurry was considering an IPO, but it looks like the company opted for a lucrative buyout instead.

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