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This May Be T-Mobile’s Next Android Phablet

by Todd Haselton | July 21, 2014July 21, 2014 11:30 am PST


Attraction to phablets seems to be on the upswing in the United States and, in an effort to cater to the tastes of large-screen lovers, T-Mobile is apparently gearing up to launch a brand new Android phablet. A new photo published by Evleaks (below) shows what is allegedly a ZTE device that’s being prepped for launch in the near future.

Unfortunately, Evleaks hasn’t provided any information on what we can expect from this mystery ZTE device, so we don’t know the processor it will pack, what sort of front-facing camera we see in the photo, or if that’s a metal body or a regular plastic one. Without knowing any of the specs, we can’t tell if this is going to be some sort of new flagship device, or a run-of-the-mill phablet. TmoNews sheds some light on the situation, however, and says that the product in question is codenamed Olympia.

We don’t know when the Olympia is set to launch, if ever, but ZTE would be wise to pull some strings to get its phablet out the door ahead of the Galaxy Note 4, which is expected to be unveiled during IFA in September. Here’s a full look at the device:


Evleaks TmoNews

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