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The Unfinished Swan Ratings Point to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Release

The Unfinished Swan

Another ratings board has gone and ruined the surprise release of yet another video game. Shock, shock. This time, it was the Korean Ratings Board which hints at a release for the indie hit The Unfinished Swan on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Giant Sparrow’s “bedtime story” video game earned a lot of praise for its soft visuals and lovely storytelling back when it was first released in 2012, and many are still drawn to its inexplicably addictive painting mechanic. Our hero finds himself lost in a child’s fantasy in which the entire world is white, and the only way to give definition to the world is through chucking paint balls everywhere in hopes of finding the path through.

Maybe it’s the satisfying sound and visual effects of paint splattering on the ground or unlockable power ups like the fire-hose or sniper rifle, but this game still has a lot of fans looking to re-experience it once again in a new fashion.

Again, nothing official has been announced yet, and it’s unknown if you’ll have to cough up more money for the upgrade. We’ll let you know when Sony has something to say. We enjoyed The Unfinished Swan our first time through and gave it a solid review, but it still falls shy of the likes of Journey. Maybe it would be nice to give it a run again to see if it holds up.


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