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Netflix Takes Another Shot at Comcast-TWC Merger

by Jacob Kleinman | July 21, 2014July 21, 2014 8:00 pm PST


Netflix has been extremely vocal when it comes to protecting Net Neutrality, and the company isn’t shying away from fights with some of the biggest internet and cable providers in the industry. Today, the company took another shot at the ISPs, sneaking a few paragraphs into its Q2 earnings report in favor of “Strong Net Neutrality.”

The video-streaming giant calls out the ISPs directly, saying its focus is on preventing Internet providers from “holding our joint customers hostage with poor performance to extract payments from us” and other Internet companies. Interestingly, Netflix has already agreed to pay both Comcast and Verizon to secure faster service. The company clearly isn’t happy about it though, and wants to make sure that doesn’t become the standard.

Netflix goes on to call out the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger as a direct threat to Net Neutrality. It asks both the FCC and U.S. Department of Justice to block the deal or at least include a condition in the merger blocking the cable providers from charging companies for a faster connection in the future.

The FCC was open to public comments until Friday last week on its proposal for a new version of Net Neutrality with built-in fast lanes for companies willing to pay extra. As for the Comcast-TWC deal it’s unclear exactly when the two companies hope to merge, though clearly there’s still some time left for the U.S. government to step in block the deal.


Jacob Kleinman

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