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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Release Set For Next Week

We’re coming close to the end of another season of The Walking Dead. I haven’t been keeping up with this one, but most likely, just like the last season, I’ll pick up the whole shebang on a sale or something and give it a straight runthrough.

Those who are keeping up with this latest season though should empty some time next week to complete the fourth episode. Episode 4 Amid the Ruins will be available from July 22 for PC, Mac, and PlayStation, July 23 for Xbox, and July 24th for iOS.

A lot seems to happen in this episode, everything from group in-fighting to Kenny breaking down once again and the birth of a child amidst a zombie raid. Tough stuff. I’m getting the itchy finger to jump in right now before the slow summer months wrap up, and I find myself up to my neck in holiday games. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 will be available next week, and and who knows if we’ll be seeing a Season 3 with all of the other projects Telltale has landed.

Ron Duwell

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