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HTC’s First Smartwatch – Is This What it Looks Like?

by Jacob Kleinman | July 18, 2014July 18, 2014 8:30 am PST

htc android weak evleaks

HTC didn’t make an appearance at Google I/O when the first Android Wear devices were announced last month, but recent reports suggest the Taiwanese company is still cooking something up for the new OS. Now a new report from Evleaks may offer a first look at the upcoming HTC smartwatch.

Today’s leak doesn’t include an actual picture of the HTC smartwatch. Instead, Evleaks offers an artist reproduction of the device—basically a homemade rendering—presumably after getting a first hand look at the device itself. The design is allegedly accurate, however. What you see on the screen is completely made up, and we know Google isn’t letting any of its hardware partners tweak Android Wear to match their own UI preferences.

The hardware design is interesting, and the choice of metal over plastic definitely puts it a step above entries from LG and Samsung. Still, we’re not crazy about the square display. Previous reports suggested HTC would opt for a round watch face similar to the upcoming Moto 360, but it’s starting to look like the company won’t take that route.

There’s still no word on when HTC’s first Android Wear device will actually hit the market, but the company has promised its first wearable will hit the market by the holiday season


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