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Google’s iOS App Has a Secret Easter Egg That You Need To Know About

by Brandon Russell | July 18, 2014July 18, 2014 9:00 pm PST

Google iOS app easter egg

Easter Eggs serve no real purpose other than to provide a moment of enjoyment. This little Easter Egg discovered in the iOS Google Search app is probably at the lowest common denominator as far as hidden little secrets go, but nevertheless, we must bring it to you, the people.

Discovered by Search Engine Land, it seems that once you open the app on iOS, you can shuffle and manipulate the letters around at your discretion. Fun, and pointless. This can’t be done while a Google Doodle is active, but if you happen to open the app at some point today, and have literally nothing better to do, start flicking around the letters. It will fulfill you in ways you never imagined.

In addition to simply flicking the letters around the screen, you can also tilt your device and see the letters fall around as if they were being affected by gravity. Search Engine Land made a video, below, where you can see this Easter Egg in action.

Brandon Russell

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