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Zelda Uses The Wind Waker in this Hyrule Warriors Trailer

by Ron Duwell | July 17, 2014July 17, 2014 4:30 pm PST

I had noticed that The Wind Waker conductor’s baton made an appearance in a recent batch of screenshots, but sadly it does not seem like my dream of Toon Link making an appearance is coming true.

Instead, it is Queen Zelda herself who controls its mighty powers as she blows through her enemies with the deadly power of the wind. This most recent fighting style is very reminiscent of her old one in that she moves with very precise and accurate attacks. The Wind Waker creates enormous cyclones and gathers enemies into huge clusters, shocking them to death with lightning bolts in the process.

Other attacks include lashing out at her enemies with purple pillars of energy, and even rocking their ears with the infectious tune of Saria’s Song from The Ocarina of Time. When will that song stop!?

It’s an interesting fighting style that just might be a little more exciting than her standard sword bearing slashes. If we are to follow the pattern seen in the screenshots, my guess is Link and his destructive power gauntlets will be highlighting the next trailer. Any takers?

Hyrule Warriors will be released for the Wii U on Sept. 24. Stay tuned for our opinions not long after that.

Ron Duwell

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