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Oculus Secretly Building New Technology to Take Down Sony

by Brandon Russell | July 17, 2014July 17, 2014 5:00 pm PST

Oculus Crystal Cove 008

In an effort to really dominate the VR experiences, a new report claims Oculus is not only focused on goggles, but motion controllers that allows users to manipulate objects on the screen. Some third parties have stepped up with solutions of their own since Oculus’s Rift system came out, but it appears the company wants to create its own devices to complete the VR experience.

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There aren’t many details so far about what specific motion controllers Oculus is creating, but the report is adamant something is in the works. Even, as CNET notes, at the expense of upsetting some of its most loyal developers. With Sony’s Morpheus already taking advantage of controllers, it appears Oculus is adopting the “anything you can do, I can do better,” mentality.

According to CNET, the controllers will utilize the Rift’s camera to track the position of a user’s hands. Sony showed off its Morpheus VR headset at E3 in June, using a medieval-type demo to show how a user would punch, use a sword and fire a bow and arrow, all through the controllers. It would make sense for Oculus do develop a similar system, especially now that the company has the resources of Facebook behind it.

It’s still unclear when a commercial version of Oculus will be available, so there’s no telling how far in development the company’s motion controllers are. VR is quickly becoming an area of intense interest among companies, and it appears Oculus wants to remain at the forefront as we move toward a new frontier.


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