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Microsoft Now Lets You Erase Yourself

by Jacob Kleinman | July 17, 2014July 17, 2014 7:00 pm PST

Samsung ATIV S Neo-Bing

Earlier this year Google was forced to start deleting embarrassing links from search after an EU court ruled on the controversial “Right to be Forgotten.” Now Microsoft is getting in on the action as well, offering its own online form for erasing embarrassing Bing search results.

Like with Google’s form, the “Right to be Forgotten” only applies in Europe. Microsoft will walk you through the process, which includes confirming your identity and explaining which links you’d prefer didn’t show up when someone searches for your name. The form also asks whether you are a public figure, which is important since celebrities and politicians aren’t covered by the EU ruling.

Microsoft wasn’t involved in the original “Right to be Forgotten” ruling, so we’re not exactly sure why it’s offering up this form. It seem likely the company is preemptively offering the option before it’s dragged into court as well, though it’s also possible Microsoft was approached behind the scenes. Either way, Bing doesn’t exactly have the same impact as Google, but the news is still a big win for anyone in Europe who wants to hide their embarrassing past from the internet.


Jacob Kleinman

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