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Pikachu Cafe in Tokyo Has Pikachu Burgers and Pikachu Curry

by Ron Duwell | July 16, 2014July 16, 2014 9:30 pm PST

Call this either the most adorable or frightening hamburger I’ve seen in quite some time. The Pikachu Cafe opens this week in Tokyo, Japan in coordination with the new Pokémon the Movie XY, and it has an interesting selection of foods to choose from.

Pikachu Burgers, Pikachu Curry, Pikachu Parfait, Pikachu Pancakes. I think you get the idea.

Don’t worry though. I’m pretty sure that the beef comes from 100 percent cow, and there are no collections of yellow rodents down at the butcher shop. The burger costs 1080 yen (about $10), not surprising for the amount of meat and tortilla chips you get in Japan. Seriously, burgers are expensive over here if you don’t know where to look.

Along with the creepy food, you’ll be able to purchase all kinds of Pikachu licensed goods including postcards, t-shirts and tote bags.

I think I found a new destination for when I go to Tokyo Game Show this September. Hopefully, the cafe remains open that long, and it is somewhere near the Dark Souls cafe.


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