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Spelunky Speed Run World Record Set at Just Under 2 Minutes

by Ron Duwell | July 15, 2014July 15, 2014 8:30 pm PST

How fast can you beat Spelunky? Probably not as fast foul-mouthed German man Pibonacci, the latest player to add his name to the wave of Spelunky world records with a speedrun clocked in at 1 minute and 55 seconds.

Pibonacci swears and curses his way throughout his record setting run in the thickest of Deutschland accents while listening to a song that must be from Frozen or a similar Disney picture. Interesting choice of background music, but you might want to turn it down because his choice of words isn’t exactly safe for work.

Credit the success of his speed run to clever use of the teleporter and a compass, which allowed him to find the exits quickly and bolt through to the end. “It’s a great day for Germany,” he says after securing his record, because clearly this overshadows the recent World Cup victory.

Unlike Super Mario Bros. and Super Metroid, which are well known as being speed-runners’ paradises, Spelunky is a game that must be an absolute nightmare to plan a direct path and blast through. The randomly generated levels mean there is no calculated “best way” to run, and more often than not, luck will play just as much of a key in a world record as the players skill itself.

Not to speak ill of Pibonacci’s achievements in any way, of course. What he pulled off was very impressive. However, should someone get a tighter map with closer doors, his record could be beaten because of luck, not because of skill. This randomization is not an issue that arises in Super Metroid or Super Mario Bros.

Spelunky is a marvelous little game in its own right, but it has also fired up a fierce competitive scene unlike any other of its kind in recent memory. Pibonacci’s reaction can attest to that. The world record for score was capped at $3.14 million back in April, and the record setter said there was plenty of ways to improve upon his plan as well. Who knows when we’ll see the next record set?


Ron Duwell

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