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Minuum Keyboard Coming to All Android Wear Devices

Android Wear doesn’t come with a keyboard of its own. Instead, Google wants you to answer messages and make commands using its voice recognition software, but sometimes that’s just not an option. Thankfully there’s Minuum.

The company currently offers its tiny keyboard for Android devices and Google Glass. Now it’s coming to the first crop of Android Wear devices along with rival smartwatches from Sony and Samsung. We’ve already seen a curvy version of the keyboard designed specifically for the Moto 360, but today Minuum announced its plans to offer an app for the G Watch, Gear Live and more.

Minuum’s goal has always been to take up as little space as possible, which means displaying a single line of letters and using predictive technology to guess which word you’re trying to type out. The app also incorporates gestures. Swipe to the right to confirm your word, and swipe to the left to delete it. It feels a bit unnecessary on most Android smartphones, but for a tiny screen like the one on LG’s G Watch, Minuum could be the perfect size.

The company’s not offering an official Android Wear app on Google Play just yet, but you can sign up for the beta today. Hit the source link below to fill out a short form, though there’s no word on exactly when Minuum will be available for specific smartwatches.


Jacob Kleinman

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