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Destiny Companion App Gets Walkthrough, Launching Alongside Beta

by Joey Davidson | July 15, 2014July 15, 2014 6:30 pm PST

I’ll come out with it: I think companion apps are completely silly. It’s a publisher and developer’s way to keep gamers connected and focused on a single experience, which is cool. But, I’ve yet to see a companion app that really begs for use.

Destiny, hold on to your hats, might actually have an interesting companion app.

Launching alongside the beta on Android, iOS and the web, theĀ Destiny Companion App will provide not only stats, messaging and session logs, but also complete access to your character’s inventory. You’ll be able to fire up the app and equip guns and armor while you’re away from the game, which turns this app from a sideshow into something actually useful.

Riding on the bus? Waiting in a lobby? Sitting through commercials? You can manage any and all of your characters within the app.

We’ll be giving it a crack once the beta fires up on Thursday for the PlayStation side of platforms. Are you folks interested in this thing?

Maybe it’s just the iPhone that they used, but the app did burn off three percent battery life over the course of the five minute video. Blame it on the 3D rendering? I’m just guessing. Or, maybe I’m just being too critical of battery life.


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