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Does Samsung Have a Retina Scanning Smartphone Coming?

by Todd Haselton | July 14, 2014July 14, 2014 10:00 am PST


Samsung and other smartphone makers have already added smartphone features that can tell when a user is looking at the screen or not. It’s useful for keeping the display on if you’re reading a book or browsing a lengthy website, but it otherwise doesn’t actually “scan” your eyeballs at all. That may change in the future as smartphone makers look for new ways to bolster security with biometrics, and Samsung envisions using retina scanners one day.

A recent tweet from the company’s Twitter account for its Exynos processors, which power many of the company’s smartphones in Europe where Qualcomm Snapdragon chips aren’t used, shows a user holding a phone that appears to be scanning an eyeball. In the image we see receipts for bills that were presumably paid after recognizing the user through his or her retina.

“Security can be improved using features unique to use,” the tweet said. “That’s what we envision. What would you use?”

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint reader, another form of biometric identification, though the company may also want to take a stab at retina identification before other smartphone makers. The tweet doesn’t confirm any existing plans to launch a product with retina scanning technology, and we don’t think we’ll see it in the very near future, but it’s something that’s on Samsung’s radar and seems possible for a future handset – at least if we consider this tweet a teaser of what’s to come.

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