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Mysterious HTC Eye, W8 and B2 Smartphones Coming Soon

by Todd Haselton | July 14, 2014July 14, 2014 10:30 am PST


Evleaks recently posted an image that revealed more than just a few of the HTC’s upcoming handsets, it also revealed that HTC is planning to expand support for its Dot View software, which requires a special Dot View case, to even more smartphones.


The image, which we’ve included above, shows Dot View Premium as being compatible with the HTC One M8, the HTC One M8 Ace (also known as the E8) and three devices we’ve never heard of: the B2, the W8 and the Eye. as PhoneArena surmises, the W8 could be the company’s upcoming Windows Phone handset while the B2 is almost certainly the Butterfly J 2. We don’t know what the “Eye” is, though PhoneArena suggests it may be a selfie-focused smartphone with an advanced front-facing camera.

Also take note of the “Dot View Standard” and “Dot View Lite” references. We’ve never heard of the A51, the A21 or the A11, but they may also be new devices coming down the pipeline. We’re not quite sure what the differences between Dot View Premium, Dot View Standard and Dot View Lite will be either, since Dot View is only currently available on the One (M8). Either way, HTC will also need to launch brand new Dot View cases for all of these devices, so we’ll keep you in the loop as any announcements are made.

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