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Hyrule Warriors Fi Trailer – Watch a Winged Lady Become a Sword

by Ron Duwell | July 14, 2014July 14, 2014 4:30 pm PST

By this point, I’m sure that Nintendo is just trying to convince everyone that this game has far more content than the cheap kind of action game everyone was originally expecting. But you know, Nintendo… Hyrule Warriors is still two months away from release. If you don’t slow down the pace, you might run out of footage to show off in the closing weeks.

Seven playable characters in an action game is definitely not skimping on the goods, and Fi is the latest of these characters to star in her own gameplay reveal trailer.

Fi originates from The Skyward Sword fame as the spirit of the Master Sword. Seeing how she has no weapons and rather is a weapon, this celestial being can morph into the legendary blade itself and hack away at all those who threaten Hyrule. With moves like that, who needs a hero in a green tunic?

When not transformed, Fi employs the use of her wings and heels in a very awkward dance inspired fighting style that borders on the edge of fast and slow. Maybe it’s just the framerate in the trailer, but I do not understand how such a subtly animated character could have such drastic attacks. Her flashy moves naturally toss enemies aside like dolls, but just the same, she gracefully waltzes through them without a care in the world.

All in all, I might play as Fi a little bit for the sake of completion and see if I can wrap my brain around her movements, but too many nagging requests from her in The Skyward Sword have turned me off from enjoying her mere presence in the game. I hope Nintendo has the sense of humor to laugh at themselves and make a few jokes at her expense.

Hyrule Warriors will be released for the Wii U on Sept. 24.

Ron Duwell

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