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Home Depot Stores Now Stocking $2,900 3D Printer

by Jacob Kleinman | July 14, 2014July 14, 2014 7:00 pm PST


Home Depot already sells MakerBot 3D printers through its online store, and starting today you’ll be able to pick one up in person as well. The two companies announced a new partnership on Monday, with MakerBot Replicator units now selling at 12 Home Depot locations in New York, Chicago, LA and San Francisco.

MakerBot’s popular line of 3D printers will be showcased in special kiosks, offering customers the opportunity to try one out before making a purchase. The company will also staff the kiosks with its own trained staff who can perform demonstrations and who will hand-out small 3D-printed objects. The Replicator currently sells for $2,899 on both MakerBot’s and Home Depot’s website, which is likely the same in-store cost.

Today’s partnership is a pilot program and whether we see 3D printers start popping up at other Home Depot locations likely depends on how well these in-store models sell. For most customers the device’s high price means it won’t really be an impulse purchase. If you’re interested in checking the 3D printer for yourself hit the source link below to see which Home Depot stores are stocking it.


Jacob Kleinman

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