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Chromebook 11 is So Popular Dell Just Halted Sales

by Jacob Kleinman | July 14, 2014July 14, 2014 8:00 pm PST


Good luck trying to buy Dell’s popular Chromebook 11 right now. Demand for the Chrome OS-powered laptop is so high the company’s no longer selling its 7-month-old Chromebook, though schools and other education customers should still be able to order the device through a sales representative.

Speaking to PCWorld, the company said it had to stop selling the Chromebook 11 online, at least temporarily. Hopefully the device will be back soon, though Dell doesn’t say when that might be. The same model is also nowhere to be seen on Amazon, though there are still plenty of other options available from Acer, HP, Samsung and Toshiba for around $200 each.

Dell initially launched the Chromebook 11 as an education-first laptop, so it makes sense that the company is still selling directly to schools even while cutting consumers off. The lightweight laptop’s low price and solid specs quickly made it a top pick for anyone considering a new computer, and clearly it’s been a hit with mainstream shoppers.

Chromebooks are only getting better, so if you can’t get your hands on the model you want today it may be worth waiting a bit longer. Dell says it’s working on a new Chrome OS laptop for later this year, and we’re sure it’s not the only company preparing its next release. Microsoft is also set to offer some of the cheapest Windows laptops so far, so there should be plenty of options coming up for anyone looking for a new lightweight computer.

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