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Classified Apple Deal May Lead to Week-Long iPad Battery Life

by Todd Haselton | July 14, 2014July 14, 2014 12:00 pm PST

iPad Air Back

Poor battery life remains one of the biggest problems with mobile devices today. Smartphones are finally able to get us through a full day of use, and tablets are a bit better, but there’s always room for improvement. Apple allegedly has a classified partnership with a company called Intelligent Energy, and it may be about to fix our battery life problems once and for all.

According to the Daily Mail, Apple is working with Intelligent Energy to deploy fuel cells inside “devices such as laptops and mobiles within a few years,” and the report specifically mentions iPads. Fuel cell technology, which is already deployed in some industries like hydrogen fuel cell automobiles, could potentially lead to devices that last “days or even weeks” without a charge, Daily Mail said, noting that Intelligent Energy already has an office just minutes from Apple.

Neither firm has confirmed a partnership actually exists, though it’s no secret that device manufacturers are working rapidly to increase battery life in an effort to promote battery longevity as a flagship feature. Will Apple be the first to sell products with a week-long battery life?

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