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Guess the Tablet: The Cheapest Tablet Nobody Paid Attention To

by Brandon Russell | July 12, 2014July 12, 2014 12:00 pm PST

This wasn’t the fastest tablet, and it certainly didn’t have the name recognition compared to others on the market. But, for what it offered, it probably deserved more credit than it got—and it was cheap. Maybe it was just misunderstood, or maybe it wasn’t marketed properly. Maybe at another time it could have been a big hit. Maybe.

For its size, this device packed a pretty big punch, and offered a stylus that promised to be better than any other. I’m not so sure including a stylus is the killer feature people are looking for, but it certainly adds another element for those who hope to use their tablet for business purposes.

Looking back, this device didn’t particularly excel at one thing better than the competition; it fit right in with the crowd without drawing much attention to itself. But for what it did, it did it well, all the while at a low, low, low price. It was a wonder the manufacturer could have even put out a device so darn cheap.

For how cheap it is, the build isn’t the worst, and the specs were pretty decent. Decent enough to handle typical tablet tasks: play games, browse the Web, watch movies, etc. And if you needed a stylus to go along with that? Well, this was the perfect choice.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the Nokia 7260.

Brandon Russell

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